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Sumit Wadhwani 2 posts Joined 06/13
27 Jun 2013
Loading Flat File name in Teradata table through TPT Load

I have the requirement, where for one of the client I need to incorporate the filename in Teradata table. Client has Teradata 13 machine. We have a fixed width source flat file and we are using TPT script in "TEXT" format. 


I went into the forun and read the below post where it was mentioned that "METADATA feature is only supported with RECORD format" flat-file-in-tpt-load


Please suggest if we have any alternative to this in TPT.


Another alternative I have is to update the source file by adding filename as one of the column in all the records through UNIX script. But I am trying to avoid making any changes to the source file.


Appreciate your suggestions.

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