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gbindra 4 posts Joined 06/12
30 Sep 2014
Limitation of Reading number of Fields in TPT

Is there any limitation on reading the number of fields in a delimited file by using the DATACONNECTOR PRODUCER. We have a file which has 7000 fields per record and we only need to load 1000 of those into multiple table. When I define the schema with more than 2000 fields for Data Connector as below it gives me an error that error reading the schema. My other option is to split the file first but want to avoid two step approach.
DESCRIPTION 'Load a Teradata table from a file' (
                DEFINE SCHEMA Schema_l_test1 (
cas_pkey char(8),
col1 varchar(8),
col2 varchar(8),
col3 varchar(8),
col4 varchar(8),
col5 varchar(8),
col6 varchar(8),
col7 varchar(8),
col8 varchar(8),
col9 varchar(8),
col10 varchar(8),
col11 varchar(8),
col12 varchar(8),
col13 varchar(8),
col14 varchar(8),
col15 varchar(8),
col16 varchar(8),
col5000 varchar(8)

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
01 Oct 2014

We should (in theory) be able to read in that many fields, and I will definitely have someone look into this.
What version of TPT are you running?
Can you also post a screenshot of the console output you get when you run the job?


gbindra 4 posts Joined 06/12
20 Nov 2014

I got confirmation from Teradata engineering that TPT can only read 2048 columns from a file.

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
20 Nov 2014

Most likely because Teradata only supports 2048 columns.
(My other questions were not answered.)


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