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abhijitvyas 51 posts Joined 08/06
04 May 2007
Jon Index - Compression & PPI

Just a qq on join Index as we are building them as part of the Performance.can we have compression for JI ? and does JI supports PPI ?waiting for the responseRegardsAbhijit

joedsilva 505 posts Joined 07/05
07 May 2007

There's no MVC available for JI. But there's another kind of compression available by grouping the columns in select like(col1,col2) , (col3,col4,col5)so the index is compressed on col1,col2 (called the fixed portion, the values for other columns will be repeated). See the data definition manual for exact syntax and the design manual for the applications :-) PPI comes in with 6.2 but you can't have both together.

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