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SeenuGuddu 15 posts Joined 07/11
27 Apr 2016
Issues in Multiload, Insert and Update for Multiple tables

Hi Gurus,
I just need the information about the   Candidate records not applied is 1 and i am not able to find the information about that.
We are pulling the data from source system(Oracle) into the target table(Teradata), When we are inserting the data into the Target table through the Multi Load tool from the source system file, we are inserting a NULL data into the one of the column(STRING) to the target table and all remaining columns of data is pulling into the Target Table and only one column is missing of data and we are not sure the reason for missing.
FYI.. We are pulling the source data(100 records) and loading target table is 91 records.
can someone explain about that..? or anything we are missing for analyzing the data and the data looks good into source and target
We see the Candidate records not applied is 1 in .rpt file and we don’t see any failure or any other issues in .rpt file. Is that any issue..?
Oracle defined the column type
STRING                       VARCHAR2(160)
Teradta defined the column type

Ivyuan 63 posts Joined 01/10
04 May 2016

Can you please provide the MultiLoad job output?
If possible, can you share with me your target table definiation and the MultiLoad script/data file?

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