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Anonyme 16 posts Joined 12/14
08 Jan 2015
Issue with my first Teradata PT

Hi everybody,
I used the sample scripts that come with Teradata client for my first script.
What i succed to do is to create an empty table using these 2 scripts:
1*First script of configuration(jobvars1.txt):
 TargetTdpId          = 'XXX'
,TargetUserName       = 'YYYY'
,TargetUserPassword   = 'ZZZZ'
',DDLPrivateLogName    = 'ddlprivate.log'
,LoadPrivateLogName   = 'loadprivate.log'
,TargetErrorList      = ['3807']
,TargetTable          = 'EMP_TABLE'
,LogTable             = 'EMP_TABLE_LOG'
,ErrorTable1          = 'EMP_TABLE_E1'
,ErrorTable2          = 'EMP_TABLE_E2'
,SourceFileName       = 'flatfile1.dat'
,SourceFormat         = 'delimited'
,SourceTextDelimiter  = '|'
,OpenMode             = 'read'
2*Second script of configuration(jobvars1.txt):
DEFINE JOB qsetup1
when i check in teradata using a basic SQL : select * from EMP_TABLE;
i have no records which is normal.
But when i execute the third script which is as follow:
DEFINE JOB qstart1
and i execute the command "tbuild -f qstart1.txt -v jobvars1.txt -j qstart1" i have the following output:
$ tbuild -f qstart1.txt -v jobvars1.txt -j qstart1
Teradata Parallel Transporter Version
Job log: /opt/teradata/client/14.10/tbuild/logs/qstart1-27.out
Job id is qstart1-27, running on rgtdvdwhfr
Found CheckPoint file: /opt/teradata/client/14.10/tbuild/checkpoint/ qstart1LVCP
This is a restart job; it restarts at step MAIN_STEP.
Teradata Parallel Transporter Load Operator Version
$LOAD: private log specified: loadprivate.log
Teradata Parallel Transporter $FILE_READER: TPT19006 Version
$FILE_READER Instance 1 directing private log report to 'dtacop-achouaf-22151170-1'.
$LOAD: connecting sessions
$FILE_READER: TPT19003 NotifyMethod: 'None (default)'
$FILE_READER: TPT19008 DataConnector Producer operator Instances: 1
$FILE_READER: TPT19003 ECI operator ID: '$FILE_READER-22151170'
$FILE_READER: TPT19222 Operator instance 1 processing file 'flatfile1.dat'.
$LOAD: preparing target table
$LOAD: entering Acquisition Phase
$LOAD: entering Application Phase
$LOAD: Statistics for Target Table:  'EMP_TABLE'
$LOAD: Total Rows Sent To RDBMS:      10
$LOAD: Total Rows Applied:            10
$LOAD: Total Rows in Error Table 1:   0
$LOAD: Total Rows in Error Table 2:   0
$LOAD: Total Duplicate Rows:          0
$FILE_READER: TPT19221 Total files processed: 1.
$LOAD: disconnecting sessions
$LOAD: Total processor time used = '0.403198 Second(s)'
$LOAD: Start : Thu Jan  8 10:37:13 2015
$LOAD: End   : Thu Jan  8 10:37:21 2015
Job step MAIN_STEP completed successfully
Job qstart1 completed successfully
Job start: Thu Jan  8 10:37:12 2015
Job end:   Thu Jan  8 10:37:21 2015
which means that everything went correctly however when i check my table i don't found any record in it.
Could anyone helps me on that please?

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
13 Jan 2015

Unfortunately, hard to help without more information.
You would need to provide screenshots of BTEQ commands or some other tool showing the before and after of the load of the target table (in a way, you have to prove to us that the rows are really not there).
It is pretty difficult to understand how the load can reflect that 10 rows were "applied" and yet they are not there. "Applied" means the database has indicated to the load tool that the rows are there.


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