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avinfg 6 posts Joined 06/12
12 Jun 2012
Issue retriving the query from SQL Assistant 13

Hi All

I am unable to retrive complete output displayed by the table in SQLA 13.

eg : select * from list_of_queries;  ---which will  have a code(int), run_query(varchar/not sure of data type) two columns.

I am unable to select/retriving the complete resultant query(which is very long) from answer sheet.I have tried various ways like export result set in various ways ,it is showing the incomplete row/query.

Any suggesting/help on it to get the complete row (in my case query ) from displayed result.




avinfg 6 posts Joined 06/12
12 Jun 2012

Also,I am accessing the SQLA virtually through CITRIX.

Looking forward for response.


VasuKillada 31 posts Joined 10/11
22 Aug 2012

Try using the .net instead of ODBC.


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