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idg_tddevex 18 posts Joined 10/06
12 Jan 2010
Insufficient memory error message - TPUMP Update/Insert.


I am receiveing the following error while executing the TPUMP job:
**** 17:04:38 UTY6625 WARNING: Packing has changed to 7 statement(s) per request.
**** 17:04:38 UTY6664 PACK factor was determined by the DBS internal limit (3710). Apply: 1,
Stmt: 1.
**** 17:04:38 UTY6608 Import 1 begins.
**** 21:50:22 UTY2804 An unexpected TDBMS failure occurs - code 3710, statement 1, message
Insufficient memory to parse this request, during Gen phase.

The target table has Join Indexes on it. It is an Update/Insert operation


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