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Crazy Anie 1 post Joined 06/09
14 Aug 2009
Installing BTEQ on Solaris

Hi,This is my first post on this forum. My query is that we are in the process of setting up BTEQ on our new Solaris 10 server. I tried searching for any possible guides which could help me with the process on how to obtain the BTEQ installable and then how to install it, but did not find much help. Kindly let me know if anyone has any pointers regarding this.Appreciate your time.

sRavanSarma 23 posts Joined 11/08
14 Aug 2009

Hi,You can find the instructions to install Teradata Utilities on solaris servers in Teradata Documenatation.Incase if you don't have any documentation readily available ,just follow these instructionsProcedure - Installing Teradata Tools and Utilities ProductsFollow these steps to install Teradata Tools and Utilities on Sun Solaris.1 Insert the CD in the CD-ROM drive on the server running Sun Solaris.2 From the console, log on as root or change to root and enter your password.3 Change your directory to CD-ROM mount point with the following command:# cd /cdrom/cdrom0Note: If cdrom0 does not exist under the CD-ROM mount point, then, in the cdromdirectory, change the directory to: Table 32: CD-ROM Mount PointIf you have this CD… change the directory to…Teradata Utility Pak cd1a_tera_util_pakDatabase Management cd2_database_mgntPreprocessors cd3_preprocessorsChapter 6: Installing on Sun Solaris SPARC Client SystemsInstalling Teradata Tools and UtilitiesTeradata Tools and Utilities Installation Guide for UNIX and Linux 1194 Type:# ./setup.batAn NCR Teradata Tools and Utilities CD Installation screen similar to the following appears.The following sample screen appears for the Load/Unload CD:NCR Teradata Tools and Utilities CD installation.Use arrow keys to move to the product you want.Press to select/de-select a product(l) display licenses (v) view product packages (q) abort(a) to select all (u) to unselect all (c) to continueAvailable products:( 1) TeraGSS - Teradata GSS client package( 2) TeraGSS32 - Teradata GSS client package( 3) tdicu - Shared common components for Internationalizationfor Teradata( 4) npaxsmod - Named Pipes Access Module( 5) piom - Teradata Data Connector Access Module API( 6) cliv2 - Teradata CLIV2 Package( 7) bteq - Teradata BTEQ Application( 8) tbld5000 - Teradata Parallel Transporter Infrastructure( 9) mqaxsmod - WebSphere (r) Access Module for Teradata(10) tpump - Teradata Parallel Data Pump For UNIX(11) mload - Teradata MultiLoad Utility(12) fastld - Teradata FastLoad Utility(13) fastexp - Teradata FastExport Utility(14) tdodbc - Teradata ODBC Driver* - means product is currently selected for addition/spooling.& - means only some packages in product are selected for additionspooling.Note: Teradata Parallel Transporter packages are contained on Load/Unload CD #2.5 In this screen, select the packages you would like to install:Load/Unload cd4_load_unloadTape Storage Management Enablers cd5_tape_stor_mgnt_enaTable 33: Selecting the Packages to InstallTo install... Do the following...all the packages Enter a. The number of products you selected will be shown in the bottom rightcorner of the screen. The packages selected for installation will have an asteriskbeside them.Table 32: CD-ROM Mount Point (continued)If you have this CD… change the directory to…Chapter 6: Installing on Sun Solaris SPARC Client SystemsInstalling the Teradata Driver for the JDBC Interface120 Teradata Tools and Utilities Installation Guide for UNIX and Linux6 Enter c to accept the selected packages and continue with the installation.The screen displays installation information for the selected products. Read theinformation and answer the questions appropriately for your installation. Afterresponding to the prompts, the installation begins.7 After the installation completes, a screen similar to the following will display indicatinghow many packages were installed and if any failed.If any failures occur, check the .log file and then call the Teradata Solutions CustomerServices Remote Service Center (TSCS-RSC).NCR Teradata Tools and Utilities PACKAGE INSTALLATION(Packages will now be installed onto the system.)Number of packages to process: 12 Number successfullyprocessed: 12Failures: 0All packages processed successfully.Please see the logfile [/var/ncr/logs/pkgadd.log] for any specificpackage instructions.8 From the root directory, enter the following command and remove the CD from the CDROMdrive:# umount /cdrom9 To remove the CD-ROM mount point, enter the following command (this step isoptional):# rmdir /cdrom/ We recommend that you review the log file (/var/ncr/logs/pkgadd.log) for any specificinformation of any of the packages installed.If a reboot is required, we recommend that you reboot the machine to fully enable thesoftware packages to take effect.

Karthickvijay 3 posts Joined 07/12
31 Jul 2012

can you pls get me the link to download BTEQ installable.

arun.sangal 3 posts Joined 04/13
08 Apr 2013


kfiras 2 posts Joined 01/14
08 Feb 2014

Yes. where is the link. I see instructions on all posts but no download links anywhere.

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
08 Feb 2014

There's no public download for the Solaris TTU via DevEx, you must be a Teradata customer to get it.
You need to logon to the Teradata @ Your Service patch server at


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