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nathangriffiths 1 post Joined 04/14
29 Sep 2015
Install TTU 15.00 32-bit components

I have the "Teradata Tools and Utilities - Windows Installation Package" (TTU 15.00) and I am trying to install the 32-bit components on a client computer. When running TTU_Base.exe it only installs the 64-bit components. I can't see a way to install the 32-bit components, apart from manually installing each component - unfortunately there don't appear to be any instructions on the order in which these components need to be installed.
What is the best way to get the 32-bit components installed?

Geneo 3 posts Joined 04/16
21 Apr 2016

The readme file states tha it will install both 32 and 64 bit components as required.

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