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satishlive 2 posts Joined 11/08
26 Aug 2009
Input types to TPUMP ?

HiMy situation is we need to load a million of data from SQL Server to Teradata, But we should use TPUMP for itMy Question is does TPUMP supports database as input to it ?, if yes plz explainThanks in advance

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
27 Aug 2009

Hi,Your file should be input. See what are the paramters you need to set: sessions(min ,max),pack,serialize off/on,checkpoint, robust on/off,monitor after .begin load . Your input should be import infile xxxx layout urlayout....apply urdml.....Just in case you use tool, say abinitio as example, you can load from one db to another after configuring your dbc file.Enjoy,Raja

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Jimm 298 posts Joined 09/07
30 Aug 2009

TPump is not the ideal tool for moving a million records around - it is much slower than Fastload or Mload, and uses a lot more resource!Best way is to export the data to a flat file or pipe it directly into a Fastload or Multiload using a host which has access to both the SQL Server and Teradata systems.

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