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Valery 1 post Joined 01/06
12 Jan 2006
import MultiLoad problem

Hello,I have some problems to load a char(06) variable wich represent hours.I'm trying to import this variable in a TIME variable with a format like this HH:MI:SS.What is the command (format) that MultiLoad wants to be able to load it in my table.Thanks in advance !!Valery

19 Jan 2006

Hi Valery,Guess this reply isn't quickest but i haven't logged in for a long time due to work. I faced a similar problem with multi loads with date, time and timestamp fields. Just remove the format statement in the multi load and load the data with the format "hh:mi:ss". Hence the data should be in this format but the multi load should not contain this formatting statement as this is the default format for the TIME fiedl type. Only then the data will load. Hope that helps.

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