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byedota 3 posts Joined 07/15
14 Dec 2015
How to set '0x0001' as delimeter in tdload command?

I want to load a flat file which is divided by 0x0001 by tdload command to Teradata. You can find my two commds below.

But they both reported "length overflow the first row" .In my opinions, I dont's set delimeter corretly.


tdload -f filename \

-u user -p passwd -h server -t tablename \

--TargetWorkingDatabase dbname

-d SOH


tdload  --SourceFileName  filename \

 --SourceTextDelimiter 0x0001  \

--TargetUserName user  \

--TargetUserPassword passwd \

--TargetTdpId server \

--TargetTable tablename \

--TargetWorkingDatabase dbname\


In addition, Teradata version 14.


feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
23 Dec 2015

What version of TPT are you using?


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