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BLaughner 10 posts Joined 08/11
01 Oct 2011
How to run an Ole Load script via Tbuild command

I'm using Ole Load Utility to generate scripts to pull data directly from a SQL Server database and load Teradata table.  Everything runs fine when I run the load from the Ole Load GUI.
However, when I save the script to file and try to run Tbuild -f script it fails.  I suspect the reason to be source connection info missing from script that Ole Load tool is providing somehow behind scenes.
Is there an example TPT script uses Ole Load and can be run from Tbuild command line or attributes that need to be added to script?

SuSeSi 61 posts Joined 10/08
10 Oct 2011


Please Follow the below steps.

(Because you can run the job from OleLoad GUI, I assume all connection and table selection is correct. )

1. Save the job from OleLoad using menu, File-> Save As.

2. The file saved is .amj extension (not that this is not a restriction). Then select the option provided (select the operator) in Launch button. This will generate a script for you based on the option selected. Do not change anything in this file. This file contains only the connection information.

3. Save this script generated for the job in a file. You can copy-paste into a text editor.

4. Edit your TPT script for AccessModuleInitStr and FileName parameters. AccessModuleInitStr only takes option as "noprompt", "batch" and "". Please see the manual on details of this. FileName is the path for the .amj file.

5. You are now ready for the job to run in command prompt as "tbuild -f FileName"

We know there has to be a example in the manual and will incorporate soon.



cbackman 2 posts Joined 03/11
13 Jan 2014

Would it be possible to transfer the same TPT script to a Linux environment and replace the OLEDB access module with an ODBC connection?

SuSeSi 61 posts Joined 10/08
14 Jan 2014

No. OLE DB Access Module is WINDOWS application and uses Microsoft APIs. It cannot be run on Linux.
ODBC Connection does not act as an Access Module. So you cannot just put the Connection information in TPT script. I will rather request you to consider ODBC operator uses in TPT script which takes ODBC connection and process it. See TPT ODBC operator in user manual.


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