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novalyn 1 post Joined 03/13
16 Mar 2013
How to load EBCDIC file to db using TPT?

Is there any possible to load IBM EBCDIC file using TPT? There is a EBCDIC file in the mainframe, we are trying to load the file to teradata which installed in the Linux server, is there any possible using TPT connected to mainframe and load the file directly?
If can't connect to mainframe directly and load the file, is there any possible load binary EBCDIC file using TPT in the linux server?
Thanks in advance. 

Marcus1 16 posts Joined 06/10
18 Jun 2013

Hi, did you succeed yet?
I'm trying to to the same thing, but I keep on getting the same weird TPT error.
This is what I did:
I wrote a TPT test script that successfully loads 2 columns.
Now according to the TPT documentation, to change it into a TPT script that loads a EBCDIC file 3 things needs to be done:

1. Make sure your 'EBCDIC' charset is installed and activated on your db.
2. At the begining of the TPT script right above the 'DEFINE JOB' clause  add this command: 'USING CHARACTER SET EBCDIC273_0E'.
3. Create the correct EBCDIC file. I used 'UltraEdit' to create it.
Now when I run my TPT skript I keep on getting this error:
TPT10508: RDBMS error 8017: Òêà@õóàÖ╔äk@ÎüóóªûÖä@ûÖ@┴ââûñòú@ëó@ëòÑüôëäK

I know 'RDBMS error 8017' looks like a logon problem, but I'm pretty sure that my logon is OK, because my TPT script was working before.

The rest of the error message I can't read because it looks like data junk.

Can anybody please help me out here?


feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
18 Jun 2013

On which version of z/OS are you running?
(We only support loading EBCDIC data on the mainframes.)


Marcus1 16 posts Joined 06/10
19 Jun 2013

I'm not using a mainframe.

I need to load a given EBCDIC file into Teradata on a network attached client. The EBCDIC file does not contain any packed columns, but does have columns with signed values.
I'm using TPT V13.10 on my TD notebook (or on TD VM Linux) and my test db is a remote TD 14.00 VM.
If it's not possible with TPT how about ML or FL?

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
19 Jun 2013

All of our load products can only load EBCDIC data from MVS/zOS.


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