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sky 4 posts Joined 06/05
21 Mar 2013
How to load Chinese Character in Mainframe(Zos) by using mload?

Hi all,  
The mainframe use  EBCDIC and the field in teradata table is UNICODE.  We load Chinese Character from mainframe to teradata table by using mload, but data is garbled.
Can you provide any sample to load Chinese Character in Mainframe(Zos) by using mload successfully ?

Ivyuan 63 posts Joined 01/10
21 Mar 2013

You can try using UTF8 session charset to load your data on mainframe. The way to evoke UTF8 on mainframe is:

sky 4 posts Joined 06/05
27 Mar 2013

Hi Ivyuan,
Thank you for your reply.
After I add // PARM='CHARSET=UTF8' in job, there is an error message CLI0543  when it creates logtable. How to fix it?

Ivyuan 63 posts Joined 01/10
04 Apr 2013

Here is the explanation of mainframe CLI0543:
CLI0543 External security reported a security violation
Explanation: The logon request was rejected by the TDP SECLOGON feature.
Notes: This error is generated by TDP, reflecting either a rejection by an external security capability, or an error occurred
preparing the request for external security.
Remedy: Check the TDP job log for additional information ensure that the MSGS option of the SECLOGON command is
enabled. If an authorization failure occurred, ask your security administrator to review the access rules for the resource
which corresponds to the user- name you were attempting to logon with.
Good luck!

akarshverma 1 post Joined 11/13
11 Dec 2013

Possible Reason/Solution - Chinese data cannot be represented in usual EBCDIC. you would require the input to be Unicode either UTF-8 or UTF-16 to successfully have the data in chinese in the Tables. You will also require to define the charset as UTF-8 (if you are providing UTF-8 File).
Moreoever you will have to see what Version of Teradata you are running because the one we use does not accepts UTF-16 directly for Channel attached system(Mainframes). Only UTF-8 is acceptable.

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