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rnekkanti 12 posts Joined 05/15
02 Mar 2016
How to extract the count for the odbc source records in TPT

I am trying to provide some assertions to users based on the number of records read from the source and number of records loaded into TD.
Is there any diagnostics functions present in TPT to extract the count of source records processed and number of records loaded into TD.
I have some details in the log file like these below .
LOYALTY_REDEMPTION_INFO_odbc: data retrieval complete
LOYALTY_REDEMPTION_INFO_odbc: Total Rows Exported:  576369
LOYALTY_REDEMPTION_INFO_updt: entering Application Phase
LOYALTY_REDEMPTION_INFO_updt: Rows Inserted: 576369
Can anyone suggest how can I get these highlighted values without parsing the logs?.

Thanks, RN
dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
03 Mar 2016

Afaik there's no built-in variable (like the ones in MLoad/TPump).
Have a look at the Operational Metadata chapter in the TPT User Guide:


feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
03 Mar 2016

Take a look in the TPT binary job log at the TWB_STATUS private log:
command: tlogview -j <job-id> -f TWB_STATUS
We provide that data in a fixed type format.
We also publish in the manual (TPT User Guide) the schema for the data in that private log.
If you export that to a file, you will have access to some data items like CPU time, start and end times, and row counts.
That output might be easier to parse to get row counts, than the text in the operator logs.


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