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13 Sep 2015
How to Connect Tools/Studio to Teradata Express Database on VMWare?

Hi All,
I have installed Teradata Express, Tools and Uitilities and Teradata Studio yesterday. I am able to run BTEQ on VM. Want to know how can I connect the database on VM from the tools/studio on the laptop which are in windows environment. Is it possible at all?
Do I get SQL Assistant with the Tools and Utilities download available on the site? I don't see it on my system after in stallation.
Please help me with the direction.

Chuckbert 78 posts Joined 07/09
14 Sep 2015

You need to know the VM's IP address to enter into Studio's Connection Profile's "Database Server Name" field.
See the article for how to find the IP address.
Basically, I logged into the Teradata Express VM and ran the command "ifconfig eth0" and entered the value of the inet addr into the Connection Profile wizard in Studio running on the Windows host.

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