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MZhang 7 posts Joined 05/08
09 Aug 2009
how to bypass bad record in Multiload


we have a daily multiload insert job and a few critical jobs depend on the successful completion of it. This multiload often failed due to data issue e.g. unexpected input charactor appears same as delimiter. Currently we have difficulty to filter the source data, so I wonder if in multiload script, there is a way to "bypass" the offending records and complete multiload with lock released and return code as 0 or something similar.

I understand INMOD can filter data before multiload, but have no knowledge on C.

We are runing TD8.2, this mutiload job runs from MVS


Jimm 298 posts Joined 09/07
11 Aug 2009

If you extract/ load the data as fixed width, instead of character delimited, yu do not have the same problem.
The only other approach is to change your delimiter to something which does not or cannot appear in the input data - like X'1F' (See the old Teradata forum for details of this.)

lydiaxie 2 posts Joined 08/09
11 Aug 2009

If you're using FORMAT VARTEXT, you can add NOSTOP option in IMPORT command.

It is documented in the manual:

NOSTOP: Optional keyword specification that inhibits the MultiLoad termination in response to an error
condition associated with a variable-length text record

MZhang 7 posts Joined 05/08
11 Aug 2009

Thanks for that. NOSTOP works for me.

tdstar.rams 11 posts Joined 05/11
24 May 2011

Could you people explain me NOSTOP option in MLOAD??


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