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tolik 2 posts Joined 07/07
17 Jul 2007
Help me with DEMO database

I installed DEMO databases, but I can not connect to It. I recieve message "10054 WSA E ConnReset: Connection reset by peer". I read that need to change Registry key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\ Session Manager\SubSystems\Windows" parameter "Shared section=1024,3052,512" to "Shared section=1024,3052,128". But it did not solve problem.I tried to execute samples programm from DEMO istallation.What must I do to connect to DEMO database?

foxbat 27 posts Joined 06/07
31 Jul 2007

Tolik,You didnt mention the sequence of events that occured before you saw this msg.Did you see this msg come up after you established a successful connection with the database? Was the database running in the first place?To start the demo database (takes about a minute to start)==========================================================C:\>net start recondTo check the state of the database use "pdestate -a"==========================================================C:\>pdestate -aA database that is running should display the following message in response to "pdestate -a""PDE state is RUN/STARTED.DBS state is 5: Logons are enabled - The system is quiescent"If the database doesnt come up or if the error occurs, try and see if you can make some sense of the errors logged to the Event Viewer.-Foxbat

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