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vniri.teradata 18 posts Joined 01/09
10 Mar 2009
Getting error on Fastload..."nvalid state for Load"

Hi , I am getting the following error when doing a fast load.**** 15:21:00 RDBMS error 2635: Error tables are invalid OR TFL_SALE is in an invalid state for Loaddoes this mean the is a fastload lock on the table.Need help in solving this...Thanks Nick

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
11 Mar 2009

Apparently, you are attempting to re-run or resubmit a job that terminated previously for some reason.Please provide more detailed information about this so that I can help you out.The table exists for some reason.It is locked because a job was loading it.But the failure could be something as simple as this new job specifying incorrect error table names.


alihammad 16 posts Joined 03/11
19 Sep 2014

My job failed leaving the loading table, ET and UV tables locked. The ET and UV tables were accidently droped. After that when the fastload was run on the same table (which is still locked), this error was returned.

krishaneesh 140 posts Joined 04/13
20 Sep 2014

Ali--you can try doing a fast load after dropping and rebuilding the target table(the one which was locked).

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
22 Sep 2014

Yes, once the error tables are dropped, the job must start from the beginning, meaning you must drop and recreate the target table.


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