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Sreeni-Wipro 2 posts Joined 06/07
25 Dec 2007
Funny characters in Fastexport script...Please suggest...

Hi,I am trying to export customer names whcih are in chinese characters using fastexport.But all the chinese characters are coming in some funny characters in the export file.Please suggest me some solutions.......simple fastexport:select||(coalesce(trim(cast( CUST_NAME AS CHAR(100))),'NULL'))||'|'from customer;In table declaration: CUST_NAME VARCHAR(100) CHARACTER SET UNICODE NOT CASESPECIFIC,Srini.

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
31 Dec 2007

You need to specify a client characterset for the output data, e.g. "-c UTF16". The default is ASCII (or EBCDIC for mainframe).

Sreeni-Wipro 2 posts Joined 06/07
01 Jan 2008

Thanks a lot. It is working now.........

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