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jgleaso 12 posts Joined 04/07
14 Aug 2007
From clause 'Select * from table@ a '

Does anybody know what the significance of the @ sign is in the following Teradata SQL?SELECT COALESCE(a.LISTED_TN_NPA, 'D8'XC) LISTED_TN_NPA, COALESCE(a.LISTED_TN_COP, 'D8'XC) LISTED_TN_COP,COALESCE(TRIM(b.ZIP_FIVE),' ') ZIP_FIVE,CASE COALESCE(c.COMMUNITY_ID, -1) WHEN -1 THEN COALESCE(TRIM(Upper(b.STATE_OVERRIDE)),' ') ELSE COALESCE(TRIM(Upper(c.STATE_ABBR)),' ') END,CASE COALESCE(g.code_value, '-1') WHEN '-1' THEN 'LISTING PROFILE UNRESOLVED' ELSE COALESCE(TRIM(Upper(g.decode_display)), 'D8'XC) ENDFROM LISTING@ a, ADDRESS@ b, COMMUNITY@ c, (Select * from domain_decodes@ where domain_code = 'GNSTATEABBR') g Where (a.LISTED_ADDRESS_ID = b.ADDRESS_ID (+))and b.COMMUNITY_ID= c.COMMUNITY_ID (+)

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
14 Aug 2007

It's not Teradata SQL. I'm guessing it's Oracle, since it has the (+) modifiers for outer join.

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