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m_v_anita 9 posts Joined 07/12
05 Dec 2013
FLoad , trying to load spaces to decimal

i have a mainframe file that has spaces in the last column , these spaces needs to be loaded to the teradata table decimal column Decimal(15,6). The mainframe job uses Fload , the fload is failing , all records are being loaded to the ERR1
  ,GP15_CREATE_Y               (CHAR(10))       
  ,GP15_CREATE_USER_C          (CHAR(8))        
  ,GP15_TOP_50_F               (CHAR(1))        
  ,GP15_TOP_500_F              (CHAR(1))        
  ,GP15_TOP_2000_F             (CHAR(1))        
  ,GP15_TOP_10000_F            (CHAR(1))        
  ,GP15_TOP_20000_F            (CHAR(1))        
  ,GP15_TOP_30000_F            (CHAR(1))        
  ,GP15_PRI_DMND_Q             (DECIMAL(9,1))   
  ,GP15_STOCK_Q                (INTEGER)        
  ,GP15_PROC_C                 (CHAR(1))        
  ,GP15_DIR_SHIP_C             (CHAR(1))        
  ,GP15_TOT__Q                 (DECIMAL(15,0))  
  ,GPWE15_LOC_CURR_A           (DECIMAL(15,6)) --> spaces  

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
05 Dec 2013

DECIMAL is a data type that requires values in the proper format.
"spaces" are not valid data bytes for a DECIMAL column.


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