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idg_tddevex 18 posts Joined 10/06
08 May 2007
Fastlod via Teradata Clieny

Hi, I have Teradata Demo CD installed at my PC. I am trying to fast load a text file into a table by following method:From Start - Programs - Teradata Client - Fastload I run following steps:********** SCRIPT START*************************.logon xxxx/username,password ;Database DB1 ;Define start_date (Char(8)), end_date (Char(8)), bus_date (char(8))File = C:\Documents and Settings\Desktop\Temp1.txt ;Begin loading DB1.test_fload errorfiles test_err1,test_err2 ;Insert into DB1.test_floadvalues (:start_date ,:end_date ,:bus_date ) ;End Loading ;.Logoff ;********** Table Definition: *************************CREATE TABLE t_dwspledevdb.test_fload, no FALLBACK,no AFTER journal,no BEFORE journal,checksum=default(start_date date NOT NULL,end_date date NOT NULL,bus_date date ) ;********** File Values *************************2007041420070501 200704032007050120071101200704182007050120071109200704 012007050120070919200704022007050120070902200703292007 050120070815200704042007050120071108200704072007050120 0712212007041720070501 2007040920070501 2007033120070501200701262007041520070501 2007041020070501 2007041320070501200712242007040520070501 2007032820070501200704062007041120070501 2007041220070501 200703302007050120070101200704082007050120071225200704 0620070501 200704162007050120071231The file is a fixed format file*************** ERROR ************************* 11:43:06 I/O Error on File Read: 16, Text: Unexpected data formatThen I tried with changing following insert statement-Insert into DB1.test_floadvalues (:start_date (format 'yyyy-mm-dd') ,:end_date (format 'yyyy-mm-dd') ,:bus_date (format 'yyyy-mm-dd') ) ;and the error was : 3527 error - Format string 'YYYY-MM-DD' has combination of numeric, character and GRAPHIC values Please can you advise?Thank You,

joedsilva 505 posts Joined 07/05
09 May 2007

you would want to format it as YYYYMMDD and might also have to put a NULLIF clause for bus_date column which is spaces for some records.

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