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Dixxie 58 posts Joined 12/10
17 Dec 2010
Fastload with bad input file name


For an mistake, i´m run fastload with a erroneous file input name, then fastload give me an string error, but the RETURN CODE was 0.

The return code not will be great then zero ?


feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
06 Jan 2011

What version of FastLoad are you running?
FastLoad should have exited with an '8' or '12'. I will have this fixed.


ThomasNguyen 30 posts Joined 04/09
06 Jan 2011

Could you give more details about the name of the input file (or better yet your DEFINE statement), the error message FastLoad displays, and the FastLoad version you are running?

If the input file name does not exist, FastLoad terminates with the return code 12.


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