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Vinay151 20 posts Joined 12/14
19 Aug 2015
Fastload Script without Drop and Create table

In our fastload script, actually we are dropping the Table and again creating it.
Sample :
.logon tdpid/tduser,tdpassword
Drop table dbname.tblname
Drop table dbname.errtblname1
Drop table dbname.errtblname2
Create table dbname.tblname

Is it possible to write a fastload script without dropping the Table and then re-creating it? And instead can we use delete statement to make the Table empty.


dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
21 Aug 2015

You can DELETE the target table if the previous load was successful.
Otherwise it will return a 2652, table being loaded.
If the error tables still exist, the previous load didn't finish, you must either finish it or drop the error tables.


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