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balasven 12 posts Joined 09/07
22 Nov 2007
Fastload Script is Erroring out with the Highest error code='8' while Running a shell script

Hi All,I tried to run a fastload shell script which populates the table with the data available in a text fileI have invoked the text file by using FILE=INIT.txt and the text file is avaliable in the same file as that of the shell script and I have provided the highest Permission (chmod 777) to both the files.But I am getting a message like "Cannot open file: 'file' in fastload" with the Highest return code='8'.Similarly how to drop an already existing error table in TPUMP.Thanks in Advancwe for any kind of Help Rendered in these regards.

nithyanandam 65 posts Joined 10/04
26 Nov 2007

From which directory are you calling the fastload? See, if the directory where the files are, can be accessed from the directory from where you are invoking the fastload. Though the files have a universal access, if the owners are different, then the script may not be able to access those files. The user, who is invoking the fastload should have access to those files. So, I'd suggest you make appropriate Chown commands to see if the script runs successfully.

Someshnr 53 posts Joined 06/07
26 Nov 2007

Define the file path exclusively. That should solve the fastload issue.To drop the error table just use drop table statement.

balasven 12 posts Joined 09/07
04 Dec 2007

Hi All,Sorry for the Delayed Reply.Thanks for your Reply.I have found out the Problem and is now working fine.Atually the problem was with the Format of the Input file from which the data is being loaded into the the tables.Please do keep in touch.

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