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terausr 7 posts Joined 01/06
21 Jan 2006
Fastload Question

I need to export flat files out of Oracle and Fastload it into Teradata.,Let's take an example A table has say 5 fields and these are integers & datesI am sending them in this format6305,1451,2400,41,3,200403,0,887.03,- 8.64,0,060,100,6005,10,3,200806,0,24830.57,189.78,0,03 532,100,4120,3,3,200711,0,2623.44,10.83,0,048,100,2,24 ,3,200711,0,5590.08,85.79,0,048,100,2,16,3,200711,0,44 68.66,-.97,0,0My Fastload script uses the followingSET RECORD VARTEXT ",";CREATE TABLE STAGING ( C_ID VARCHAR(10), V_ID VARCHAR(10), S_ID VARCHAR(10), CO_ID VARCHAR(10), CH_ID VARCHAR(10), FP_ID VARCHAR(6), A_Qty VARCHAR(10), P_Qty VARCHAR(10), T_Qty VARCHAR(10), R_Amt VARCHAR(10), Rp_Amt VARCHAR(10));DEFINE C_Id (VARCHAR(10)), V_Id (VARCHAR(10)), S_Id (VARCHAR(10)), CO_Id (VARCHAR(10)), CH_Id (VARCHAR(10)), FP_Id (VARCHAR(6)), A_Qty (VARCHAR(10)), P_Qty (VARCHAR(10)), T_Qty (VARCHAR(10)), R_Amt (VARCHAR(10)), Rp_Amt (VARCHAR(10))but the data in final table needs to be Integer & Date formatsHow do I make sure that no data is lost or truncated in the staging area?

hh 21 posts Joined 06/04
24 Jan 2006

After you load the data in staging, you can always issue some sqls to look at the data, right? Or perform some aggregations on Oracle then compare to Teradata.

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