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rogerc 13 posts Joined 04/10
22 Jun 2010
fastload, mload did NOT support on win2003 x64 and win2008 x64 server ???

Product ID: B035-3119-088K
Date Added to Web Site: May 27, 2010 itemid=082340004&sitenm=internal

The document didn't say fastload and mload support on win2003 x64 and win2008 x64. It just indicated fastload/mload available on windows7 x64.

Did anyone explain me what the support is for window7? Is fastload/mload 32bit binary or native 64bit when running on Windows 7?

Why not available for win2003 x64 and win2008 x64 if it's native x64?

markhay 10 posts Joined 06/10
23 Jun 2010

The supported platforms/OS documents for all TTU releases can be found at this url:

What the specific TTU 13 document you referenced is trying to convey is that the Teradata load/unload tools are 32-bit packages that run just fine on 32-bit or 64-bit systems on all the Windows and UNIX platforms listed.

The one 64-bit package we have is Parallel Transporter API (and the four load/unload OPerators). TPT API is used by ETL vendors and is loaded into the ETL vendor product's address space so we needed a 64-bit version to match the ETL vendor's 64-bit version.

rogerc 13 posts Joined 04/10
24 Jun 2010

Thank you for the explanation. It's clear for me now.

Do you know is there any conflict(%PATH%) on 64bit teradata odbc and 32bit TTUs on the same server?

One of the use case was using Teradata odbc(64bit) to generate data file and calling fastload/mload loading the datafile to DWH. Hope there is no 32bit/64bit library conflict when my 64bit application created process to run 32bit fastload/mload. :-)

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