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alain.charroux 6 posts Joined 07/05
06 Jul 2012
fastload issue with inmod path


With fastload, I am using an inmod library to feed data.

Things are working well and fast when the inmod dll has a simple path like in our dev environnement say, e:\Code\Test\MyInmod.dll. 

In the fastload script, the code will be : 


and its OK

Issue is that the dll will be embedde in a standard software installation on Window. therefore the path of the INMOD DLL will be typically c:\Program Files\MySoftware\MyInmod.dll.

In the fastload script, the code would then be : INMOD=c:\Program Files\MySoftware\MyInmod.dll;

In such a case fastload cannot find the inmod dll :(

I just get an error message 'Unable to load INMOD'

I have made various tries with ", ' chars at various places :

INMOD="c:\Program Files\MySoftware\MyInmod.dll";

INMOD='c:\Program Files\MySoftware\MyInmod.dll';

INMOD="c:\Program Files\MySoftware\"MyInmod.dll;

INMOD='c:\Program Files\MySoftware\'MyInmod.dll;


looks like fastload is unable to load an inmod dll when the path includes a blank.

Any advice to make it compliant with usual practices on Windows ?



a SHOW VERSION in my fastload session displays

     FastLoad Version for Win 32 running Windows Sockets
     FastLoad  :
     FastCmds  :
     FastIO    :
     FastMBCS  :
     FastNtfy  :
     FastPars  :
     FastSQL   :
     FastUtil  :
     Fdlosdep  :
     Teradata Data Connector  :
     PMPROCS   :
     PMRWFMT   :
     PMTRCE    :
     PMMM      :
     PMHEXDMP  :
     PMUNXDSK  :
     ICUVER    : TDICU,
     CLIV2     :
     MTDP      :
     MOSIos    :
     MOSIDEP   :
     OSERR     :

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
11 Jul 2012

Try this:


while I investigate whether spaces are supported.



alain.charroux 6 posts Joined 07/05
13 Jul 2012


Good point !

It does work. As there is a Windows API (if I remember well) to compute the 'short' path from a path with blanks.

With Unix, the trick is not directly available but this is not a standard practice to have such kind of path for installed software and filesystem links can do the trick  so globally the workaround is OK.


However, I have declared an incident at TAYS :  RECED7RWS

A JIRA has been created too : JIRA SA-27626 


feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
13 Jul 2012

Ok. We already have JIRA issues opened for these but we will just eventually close the one you opened as a duplicate.




alain.charroux 6 posts Joined 07/05
13 Jul 2012

Oups, I  clicked too much faster

The missing part was :


Thanks for this simple workaround !

AshishPatil 24 posts Joined 05/12
09 Aug 2012



Hi i am a beginer for INMOD routines.


Can anyone pls explain how i can use INMOD with fastload to get data from oracle tables and insert it directly into teradata tables.

can i get an example on how can i create a INMOD routine for this task.


thanks in advance..


feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
09 Aug 2012

If you have access to TPT, then you should use that. We provide a seamless way of moving data from Oracle to Teradata without the need to write custom INMODs.

If you write your own INMOD you have to have access to ODBC or some other 3rd party software to read from Oracle.

You did not indicate on which platform you are running. If you are running on Windows, you can use the OLE-DB Access Module to retrieve data from Oracle. That would be faster than using ODBC and INMODs.

But TPT is still the best option. It runs on all of our supported platforms and does not use names pipes to move the data.



AshishPatil 24 posts Joined 05/12
30 Sep 2012

Thank you very much for ur suggestions.
Our Teradata version is 13.10.
We are using informaticawith FLOAD to load data from oracle but it's giving very bad performance when loading huge tables having more than 200 millions of data.
Can u give some information on how can i use OLEDB module to improve this process.
Thanks !

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