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sanjay_hyd 6 posts Joined 03/09
16 Sep 2009
Fastload error

Hi All!!We have our teradata database on UNIX server. And recently we had teradata version upgrade from 6 to 7.I am working on a Teradata fastload script that worked correctly with out any error. But giving an error when executed in new version.The fastload script is as follows:.logon USER_ID/PASS_WD,.LOGTABLE ERR_DB.TABLE_NAME ;DROP TABLE ERR_DB.UV_table_name ;DROP TABLE ERR_DB.ET_table_name ;DELETE FROM DB.table_name ;set record unformatted;define emp_id (CHAR(12) ), org_name (CHAR(50) , NULLIF = '*'), prv_zip (CHAR(5) , NULLIF = '*'), last_nm (CHAR(40) , NULLIF = '*'), frst_nm (CHAR(20) , NULLIF = '*'), prof_pfx (CHAR(4) , NULLIF = '*'), address (CHAR(50) , NULLIF = '*'), city_nm (CHAR(50) , NULLIF = '*'), newlinechar (CHAR(1))file=file_name;show;begin loading DB.table_name errorfiles ERR_DB.ET_table_name, ERR_DB.UV_table_namecheckpoint 0 ;insert into DB.table_name ( emp_id, org_name, prv_zip, last_nm, frst_nm, prof_pfx, address, city_nm ) VALUES ( :emp_id, :org_name, :prv_zip, :last_nm, :frst_nm, :prof_pfx, :address, :city_nm) ; end loading;logoff;Encountering the error "syntax error at line 13 : `(' unexpected ".Googled this issue to find exact reason. Found few posts which say the error is due to "OS version".Does any one has something to say about this?Thanks in advance!Sanjay!

Jimm 298 posts Joined 09/07
16 Sep 2009

.LogTable is a Multiload command, not Fastload. The rest of the script looks like Fastload though.Try removing the Logtable command and try again.If you still have a problem, show the output, not the input. Then we can see which is line 13 (Line 13 is rarely the 13th line in the script - it is not that easy.)

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