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rajgowda 3 posts Joined 11/04
07 Dec 2005
FastLoad Checkpoint

Hi,I am writing a fastload job script to load data into target table.If I include checkpoint option will it be useful.Thanks and Regards,Gowda C H

XTUPIE 42 posts Joined 11/05
03 Jan 2006

HiJust a quick tip, if your Checkpoint is set to below 60 it defaults to minutes not records!So you might not want a checkpoint every 2 minutes, would you?Rememebr Checkpoint has got to do with falling abck if the job fall over. If you have a checkpoint of 1,000,000 and your job falls over at 1,999,998 you will only have 1,000,000 records in the table. Now also do not make in 100 because tehn you job could be checkpointing more than it is working. You need to play with the checkpoint value and get one that suits youDivvy


Jim Myrna 4 posts Joined 05/09
20 May 2012

Please refer to this post for more recent and accurate information:


(Checkpoint freq for Fast Load does not assume minutes when the setting is less than 60, like MLOAD does).

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