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Fab4fan2 1 post Joined 02/07
08 Feb 2007
Fastload - cannot open file

I am new to the Fastload utility. I am using it interactively, not with a batch file. I can login to my database, create & drop tables, and define columns, but I am having problems with the DEFINE FILE statement. It accepts DEFINE FILE=testfile; but the BEGIN LOADING statement returns the error: cannot find file 'testfile'. I have put the file in the FastLoad and Bin directories. Where should it go? Or are there other issues?I am on Windows XP. I have defined an environment variable for FLOADLIB. I am using version 07.07.00. Thanx for any help.Phil

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
09 Feb 2007

An unqualified filename should look in current working directory, or you can supply the full pathname. Use "" around the name if it contains blanks or special characters:DEFINE FILE="C:\Documents and Settings\myuserid\My Documents\testfile"

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