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harry-5108 1 post Joined 10/07
25 Oct 2007

Hello,I'm new to Teradata so this is a very basic question i think. I have a Teradata v2R6 VMware setup (win2003) and was trying to run some fastload tests but could not locate this executable anywhere in the box. Here is the directories under my d:\program files\NCR. I didnt see the bin directory, which, according to my research, is where the fastload executable should be located. Can anyone give me some help here? Thanks. --Harry . .. adept BootDiskMon BYNET Check_Parity Common Files FaultDefn NCRput ODBC Driver for Teradata PBS TDAT Teradata Administrator 7.0 Teradata Client Teradata GSS Teradata SQL Assistant 7.0 W2KTools

famalau 43 posts Joined 08/07
29 Oct 2007

Harry,The Fastload utility should be located under "..\NCR\Teradata Client\Bin" directory. If you are not being able to find the executable "fastload.exe" under this directory, I am inserting some thoughts that might help you:1) Is there a file somewhere in your box called "fastload.exe"? If not, maybe you have not installed the Teradata utilities yet. This file should be located at the same place where the other utilities are, like Multiload (mload.exe) or FastExport (fexp.exe). If you can not locate any of the previous binary files, I believe that you have not installed the Teradata utilities;2) If you find them somewhere in your box, you may have to add the location to your "PATH" environment variable, in order to be able to call them from a MS-DOS prompt window.Those are my 2 cents collaboration. I hope this helps!



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