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iliakn 2 posts Joined 12/05
15 Dec 2009
FASTEXPORT output file column name

How can I define in the FASTEXPORT script the first row in the exported file to be the names of the exported columns ?

Vador 36 posts Joined 08/07
18 Dec 2009

you must write 2 select clause in the .BEGIN EXPORT/.END EXPORT grou^p
the first clause will be a simple select with the name of the columns as litteral string
and the second select will be your selection for export.
.begin export...;
select cast( ('foo'|| ';' || 'bar'||';' || baz) as char(30) );
select cast( (foo || ';' bar || ';' baz ) as char(30) )
from MyFavoriteTable;
.end export;

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