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joe.mingmoang 3 posts Joined 02/10
08 Apr 2010
Fast Load Error - Record is too long by n byte(s)

Hi all,

I'm new to Fast Load and I'm looking for some expert advise. I've tried to load data into my table using CSV file as a FLAT FILE, but I keep getting the following errors ;

Number of rec/msg:7140
Start to send to RDBMS with record 1
RECORD is too long by 21311 bytes
Field 1: 168641609

Full scripts as follows;

sessions 8;
errlimit 250;

logon cda/userid

define cust_no (decimal(14,0))
file =X:\Use Id\Cust.CSV;

begin loading d_database.table
errorfiles d_database.err1, d_database.err2;

insert into d_database.table values(:cust_no);

**Number of rec/msg:7140
**Start to send to RDBMS with record 1
**RECORD is too long by 21311 bytes
**Field 1: 168641609

Can any please help?

Many thanks in advance?


dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
08 Apr 2010

Hi Joe,

1: CSV means readable character data, thus all fields must be defined as VARCHAR.
2: You didn't specify SET RECORD VARTEXT, thus it defaults to FORMATTED



King 1012 7 posts Joined 06/09
20 Jul 2011

SET RECORD VARTEXT ","; or SET RECORD TEXT ","; should do the trick

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
20 Jul 2011

Even though his example only showed one column, he did indicate the data would be CSV. Therefore, I would not use SET RECORD TEXT.
And SET RECORD TEXT cannot take a delimiter character.


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