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21 Oct 2012
Fast Export Restart Log

What information is stored in the Fast Export restart log table ? and how do we set checkpoint in fast export scripts

25 Oct 2012

Hi Can any one help me out with the above question ?
Thanks in advance

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
31 Oct 2012

Why do you want to know what information is being stored in the FastExport restart log table?
That information is only important to FastExport.
As for setting checkpoints, one cannot normally checkpoint in FastExport.
If the DBS restarts in the middle of a SELECT request processing, the SELECT has to be re-issued from the beginning.


SmarakDas 51 posts Joined 02/12
19 May 2014

Hello All,
I am aware that FastExport sets checkpoints @ SELECT level, not at row level. Meaning, if a Export Script have 2 SELECT clause and the 2nd SELECT fails @ 30th row out of 60 rows, then the FastExport job will resume from the beginning of the 2nd SELECT statement, rather than from the 30th row.
It mean that whenever FastExport fails or aborts, the SELECT output of the running SQL (Here, the 2nd SELECT) is removed from the output file, before beginning the 2nd SELECT statement again. Else, it will inserts DUPLICATE values in the output file. This does seem slightly expensive step for an aborted SELECT statement which was almost completed.
I believe that I have put the restart fundamental correctly in the above post. However, any correction or addition will be appreciated.


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