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Piotr_Skrzypiec 11 posts Joined 09/13
03 Mar 2014
Fast Export parallelism

I am successfully exporting with fast export tool. However I am not sure about parallelism of export.
From fastexport logs I have:
**** 13:49:28 UTY8715 FastExport is submitting the following request:
**** 13:49:28 UTY0844 Session count 8 returned by the DBS overrides
     user-requested session count.
**** 13:49:36 UTY8705 EXPORT session(s) requested: 8.
**** 13:49:36 UTY8706 EXPORT session(s) connected: 8.
**** 13:49:36 UTY8715 FastExport is submitting the following request:
But when I am viewing in Viepoint, I see 8 connections. 7 connections are idle, but 1 connection is in transfering state <->
I would rather expect all 8 connections to be transferring <-> , but as I am not teradata expert, I d like to have answer from
advanced users.
Any explanation?

ThomasNguyen 30 posts Joined 04/09
03 Mar 2014

The way FastExport works as: Data block contains exported records that DBS server distributes on the sessions. Normally, FastExport gets data blocks on the sessions in the round-robin fashion. Assume there are 4 sessions, FastExport gets data block 1, 2, 3 and 4 on session 1, 2,3 and 4 respectively, then It will get block 5 on session 1, block 6 on session 2, block 7 on session 3 etc…

SuSeSi 61 posts Joined 10/08
03 Mar 2014

The number of sessions requested to Database by fexp is assigned to different AMPs. If the resulted data is from a single (or limited AMP) then mostly the sessions assigned to those AMPs will be active most of the time.


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