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KamleshKhollam 1 post Joined 12/14
11 Dec 2014
Fast Export Data File Issue

I am trying to export below column using Fastexport.
When COL1 actual size exceeds 2559 chars , new record is getting added after that row having only one alphabetic char. 
Also, I observed one strage behaviour: usually when we try to export varchar data using FEXP, it gives some control chars which are nothing but VARCHAR data size (2 byte).  But in above case when VARCHAR record length is exceeding 2559 then that record is coming with no control char and one new records with one char is getting added after it in a file.

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
11 Dec 2014

Please provide more detailed information.
Please provide the output of the job itself (all of the commands and information), and then provide the actual data from the data file (even if you have to provide it in hex mode; I want to see every byte from the resulting data file).


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