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AB75151 20 posts Joined 06/09
25 Jun 2009
Export output file formatting

Hi Guys,I am using an export command in a BTEQ script. The output file needs to be formatted to get the a comma, pipe(|) or ~ delimited file. Can you guys please help me in this regard? The SQL Statement that I am passing to do this Export command is dynamic, hence can not be pre appended with any of the delimiters. The Code snippet would look like this.EXPORT DATA FILE=$TABLE_NAME.txt/ ****************************************************** ********************************************Run the select statement in the file created by shell script************************************************ **************************************************/. run file $COL_FILE_NAMEContent of the $COL_FILE_NAME is something that would change dynamically during execution

CarlosAL 512 posts Joined 04/08
25 Jun 2009

Take a look at the Linux/Unix 'sed' command.HTH.Cheers.Carlos.

Jimm 298 posts Joined 09/07
25 Jun 2009

You cannot do it if you are exporting a DATA file.If you can do an EXPORT REPORT, you can:.SEPARATOR '|'(or whatever separator you want.)If you do this, everything will come out as characters, you must suppress pagelength/ headings and column headings (you can only do this in your SQL), and the maximum line length is 265 characters.

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