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rdparman 1 post Joined 08/04
18 Aug 2004
Export a variable length record

I need to export data from an sql to a variable length text record. I have been trying various things with bteq and fastexport and have not been successful. Has anyone done this? I need the output file to be something like this: 99999|9|999|abcdefg99|999|9999|abc999999||9|abcdefghij k

Srividhya80_b 12 posts Joined 07/05
17 Jan 2006

Hi Just on similar lines, I need the ASCII '1F' (Non-printable control character' to be used as the delimiter. I have tried this using the BTEQ EXPORT but have not been successful. Can any body suggest how can this character included as a delimiter?Thanks!

Regards Srividhya

Boonprom 1 post Joined 08/06
08 Aug 2006

Sunopsis: Problem : (SnpsSqlUnload) : can not font ? such : (thai language) Who! : This Solution : ?

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