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01 Sep 2015
Errortables creation for Update operator in TPT

Hi All,
I have a TPT script with only update operator and with declared two error tables(errortable1,errortable2) but only one errortable2 is getting generated while run. why first error table is not generated.
I am using same tpt script along with export operator which generates two error tables.
Please help me in understanding that why my TPT with only update operator is considering only one error table even if I define two error tables.
Thanks in advance


Define Job DeleteJob
Description 'DelesData'
Define Operator Update_Operator
Description 'TPT  Update Operator'
Type Update
Schema *
(integer maxsessions = 12
,integer minsessions = 2
,integer maxdecimaldigits = 38
,varchar targettable = '{MaintBT}.{TBName}'
,varchar tdpid = '{tdp_to}'
,varchar username = 'Loonid'
,varchar userpassword = 'password'
,varchar errortable1 = 'TableA_ET'
,varchar errortable2 = 'TableA_UV'
,varchar logtable = 'TableA_LT'
,varchar worktable = 'Table_WT'
'DELETE FROM TableA WHERE Process_Date <= ''20150101'';'
 To Operator ( Update_Operator [1] );


feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
01 Sep 2015

This was asked already in another thread, and answered:
The DELETE task in the Update operator is an Application Phase operation only.
And thus, only the UV error table is needed.
On a regular import task, 2 error tables are needed (one for the Acquisition Phase and one for the Application phase).


chk32 14 posts Joined 11/13
01 Sep 2015

Thanks Steve..

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