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adamjohn40 1 post Joined 07/08
20 Jul 2008
Error with Fastload

I'm trying to simply insert a 9 digit account id from a flat file into a table. I've set up my flat file so that it simply has one record that consists of only the a sample 9 digit account id and no other characters or blanks after the account id.I keep getting the following error message: The length of: ACCOUNT_ID in row: 1 was greater thandefined.Defined: 9, Received: 12594 Any recommendations? Here is the code:sessions 2;errlimit 100;logon db/user1,pwd01;set record vartext;DROP TABLE static;CREATE TABLE static (account_id char(9));set record unformatted;defineaccount_id (varchar(9))file=static.input;show;begin loading static errorfiles errors_2, errors_1;insert into static (:account_id);end loading;logoff;

j355ga 100 posts Joined 12/05
21 Jul 2008

did you include a new-line at the end of the single record? In other words:12345


28 Jul 2008

defineaccount_id (varchar(9))file=static.input;show;begin loading static errorfiles errors_2, errors_1;insert into static (:account_id);hi this is depend upon whcih OS u r going to execute the script.if it is windows or unix it should char in the define defineaccount_id (char(9))and the flat file input value should be 9 character .if it is mainframe env i am not sure plx check it

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