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stansle 2 posts Joined 11/11
06 Apr 2012
Error Starting SQL Assistant v13.10

I receive the following error when starting SQL Assistant v13.10 in Windows 7 Professional. 

Could not find special directory 'My Documents'.  Unexpected Error. ...

Has anyone seen this error and can assist.




stansle 2 posts Joined 11/11
06 Apr 2012

I should have also added that SQL Assistant shuts down when the 'OK' button is clicked on the message.

MikeDempsey 94 posts Joined 10/06
01 Jun 2012

'My Documents' is a special directory that should always exist on a Windows system. (The actual name may not be 'My Documents' as that is fetched using a Windows API function.)

If the system can't find the entry then it appears that you have corruption of your system, or registry.

I think the directory name is stored in the registry somewhere. If your IT folks can tell you the registry key you should be able to fix this ... but other things may also be corrupted.

BkAZ 8 posts Joined 05/14
26 Aug 2014

Does anyone have any updated information on this error?
I'M also getting it, and I know it's because "My Documents" is mapped to a directory (network share) that no longer exists. I don't have local admin rights to change Properties for My Documents, so SQL Assistant won't start.
Seems pretty frangible/fragile... isn't there ANY way to start SQL Assistant w/o it being depending on My Documents??

nimish_123 15 posts Joined 08/14
19 Sep 2014

Write click on My documents folder > go to Properties > General tab > Clear check box for READ ONLY > click apply and OK > try to restart SQL assistant 

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