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XLTMike 2 posts Joined 04/16
15 Apr 2016
Error locating in SQL Assistant 15

We are writing queries against our data to find data quality issues. Currently, there are about 500 and have quite a few more to do. 
We have a request for high level count of failures for each one. With some pixie dust, we generate a Select ID#, BU, Count(*) for each of these.
In an effort to automate these, we generated a new query with a union inbetween the Count(*) queries.
Now... when we run this, because of the modification of these queries to count (*), there are some errors that we need to resolve.
Is there a way that SQL Assistant can highlight the error or display the line # where the error occurs? It kind of defeats the puropse of automation id we still have to run one at a time to locate the errors..
Is this possible?

MikeDempsey 94 posts Joined 10/06
29 May 2016

If you are referring to SQL syntax errors SQL Assistant will highlight the reported position of the error. This only applies if you use rather than ODBC however.
Note that it will only report the first syntax error since Teradata stops parsing as soon as it finds an error.

ToddAWalter 316 posts Joined 10/11
08 Jun 2016

It would help if a description of the errors encountered was provided.

XLTMike 2 posts Joined 04/16
08 Jun 2016

I am just used to SQL Server where the cursor goes to the line where your syntax error is or the line is highlighted.
Or if you haven't included all the necessary criteria for an expression.

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