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Emeir 4 posts Joined 11/10
22 Nov 2010
Error in installing Teradata SQL Assistant v12

Hi All,

I have installed teh BTEQ,CLI,DataConnector,ODBC Driver,Shared ICU GSS successfully in WIN7,but when I install the Teradata SQL Assistant,I met errors,Cannot V12 be installed in WIN7?My coworker has installed the tool successfully in winXP?Is there any other tools to take place of Teradata SQL Assistant
such as the PL/SQL?
 I have also tried to install V13 which works fine in others' computer on WIN7,but when I install ICU ,it has the Error1720,A script required for this install to compete could not be run.
 what should I do?


Emeir 4 posts Joined 11/10
22 Nov 2010

I have installed v13 successfully,and the problem is the permission

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