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kkvelmajala 8 posts Joined 02/09
25 Feb 2009
Error file using Multiload

Hi,Multiload will automatically creates Error table while loading from file to database. Is there any way to generate error files on unix box instep of error tables. Please help me in this case.Thank you,Regards,Kiran

kkvelmajala 8 posts Joined 02/09
28 Feb 2009

Hi,No post from any one. please help me in this case.Is there any way to pass the rows which are produced errors while loading with mload. The key words DISPLAY ERRORS,NOSTOP will show the errors on standard output but i want to redirect these to a file on unix. please help me inthis case.Thank you,Kiran

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
28 Feb 2009

You're asking about two entirely different things. The DISPLAY ERRORS and NOSTOP only apply to the client-side conversion from delimited VARTEXT to VARCHAR fields (with binary length prefix) - prior to sending the record to the Teradata database.That has no relation to errors which the Teradata database may detect and record in the two error tables when the data is received and when the data is applied. If the error tables are non-empty & not dropped at the end of the MultiLoad, you can query them or export the data - using BTEQ or some other tool.

bhartiroyal 3 posts Joined 02/09
01 Mar 2009

HI KiranIn mload script after ".end mload" add this statement,.os bteq <script1.txt;.quit-------------in script1.txt write something like this :.logon.export report FILE=D:ew\bt\ACCTSTEST.TXT;select * from FINANCIAL.er_ACCTs_TEST;.export reset;.quit/* from error table er_ACCTs_TEST you are exporting into another file.*/--------------------------------------------------------------

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