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mehaboob 10 posts Joined 12/09
03 Dec 2009
error 6760 and 2679

hi i am trying to load data from a pipe delimited file in to a table using fast load. All the rows are going to error table and the error table showing the error codes as 2679 and 6760 on two columns which are of varchar (32) and the data in the flat file looks like 'Std' and 'N'When i tried to find out the reason for the error it says like 2679 - error occurred due to conversion from numeric to char or char to numeric or bad character in file6760 - error occurred due to time stamp conversionbut data in file for the respected columns are characters and there are no decimal values or time stamp values.can u help out..plzthanks in advance..

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
03 Dec 2009

Please provide script, sample of data, and table definition (DDL).


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