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Jaguar 25 posts Joined 05/06
31 May 2006
Encountering error while using .EXPORT REPORT FILE command in BTEQ

Hello Everyone, I have written the following code to extract data to a fileLOGON -------;DATABASE ---- ;SET ERROROUT STDOUT;SET WIDTH 500;SET ECHOREQ OFF;SET TITLEDASHES OFF;EXPORT REPORT FILE="/werr1/we1s/ws/ABX_log";select * from DBC.Tables;EXPORT RESETLOGOFF;QUIT ;I am getting an error *** Error: Open failed because: No such file or directoryCan someone help me out?Thanks

stami27-2406 22 posts Joined 02/06
01 Jun 2006

Hi,the only think to suggest is that some subdirectory from /werr1/we1s/ws/ABX_logdoes not exist.The Code is Ok except, you must have received some Warnings such:"*** Warning: Expected a '.' before the command" from command bteq.The folowing code doesn't make arnings:.LOGON ----;DATABASE ----;.SET ERROROUT STDOUT;.SET WIDTH 500;.SET ECHOREQ OFF;.SET TITLEDASHES OFF;.EXPORT REPORT FILE="/werr1/we1s/ws/ABX_log";select * from DBC.Tables where DatabaseName='mydb' AND TableKind='T';.EXPORT RESET.LOGOFF;.QUIT ;greetingstami

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