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ctamala 1 post Joined 10/14
22 Jun 2015
Editing queries in column Mode for SQL Assistant v15

My company recently upgraded our SQL Assistant verson from version 13.XX to version 15.  First let me say that I'm enjoying a lot fo the functionality that is new to this version.  However, one of the features that I sorely miss is the ability to edit a query in column mode.  For example, I was able to modify SQL query by holding down ALT-SHIFT and arrow keys.  This would highlight a BLOCK of text in multiple rows for one or more columns without wrapping to the end of the line. THe cursor would then blink in every line at once. Then I could type as normal and all chagnes would be made to every line at once in the same column. Great for adding commas or aggregate functions to multiple fields. 
With the new version, if I press ALT-SHIFT-DOWN it will highlight from the cursor starting location and wrap the seleciton to the next row just below the cursor.  If I type then the entire highlighted area gets changed instead of just the column the cursor was in.
If I press ALT-SHIFT-Right/Left and then up/down it will highlight as I expected it to, however it will only make changes to the first row and the selection goes away.
I'm hoping that there is a way to enable this functionality or that I can juse a different key sequence.  Does anyone know how?
Thank you,

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
23 Jun 2015

Hi Calvin, there was a bug in the initial version of SQLA 15 which has been fixed in the very first patch
Upgrade to get the latest patch level.


darshankumar 2 posts Joined 08/14
19 Jan 2016

Hi Dieter,
I am looking for the patch, can you please help me to find this? I can find only "".

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
20 Jan 2016

Hi Darshan,
you must be a custumer to get access to Teradata's patch server (if you are simply ask your DBA).
Hopefully there will be a 15.10 TTU soon.


darshankumar 2 posts Joined 08/14
21 Jan 2016

Yes Dieter, we are Teradata customer. Let me contact them for the patch.

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